Joseph Domenico Giacomini had grown up in the family business, Lucca Delicatessens, before entering the corporate food and wine world in San Francisco. In 1993, desiring to go back to his "roots", Joe and his wife, Sue, a passionate home chef, left their respective jobs to open Domenico's Delicatessen. With their shared love of food and wine, they set out to create a blend of traditional Italian favorites with a modern twist and an emphasis on healthier ingredients.

From the beginning, their philosophy has been the same, simply seek out the best possible ingredients to craft the highest quality sandwiches, which means hand picking product from top, local and European purveyors, and serving it all up in a customer service driven environment.

In 2003, they opened Domenico's Cafe next door, where its own unique, more compact  menu offers hot and cold panini sandwiches using the same incredible meats and cheeses, delivering them to your table.  Wine by the glass, gelato and coffee drinks are also enjoyed in the Cafe.