Domenico's Salads


Gelato has been part of the Italian lifestyle for hundreds of years. All across Italy, in the big cities and small towns and villages you will find local gelaterias where they serve pizza, panini and of course, gelato. Ahhh...gelato, what exactly is gelato and how does it differ from ice cream? Simply stated, Gelato is the Italian word for Ice Cream and just like American Ice Cream, all brands of Gelato are different. Our Gelato is made locally by Fiorello's, a small family owned company. Tony Fiorello has formulated over 200 custom flavors and makes them in the old style Italian tradition, with NO air whipped into it, unlike Ice Cream. The resulting flavor… PURE, DENSE AND INTENSE, with a silky texture. The ingredients are all natural, with nothing artificial added. At Domenico's Cafe, we offer a rotating selection at the best price in town. Come in and sample, taste and enjoy!